There may be no solution for the question or problem that I have, but if there is, it would be remarkable. CSS can do a lot. I hope that it can do this, but so far, I have sound no solution.

I am looking for a way to span a single div containing an image or “blockquote” of sorts, across two text filled divs. I would like the text of these two divs the quote is spanning to flow nicely around the blockquote div. Ver y similar to what you would see in Illustrator or an InDesign Layout. I have an image below that illustrates what I’d like to do. CSS seems to be able to let you flow text around a div if that div is contained in another. But having the text of TWO divs flow around a single div seems impossible. Arbitrarily placing the div like this would also be hard. Can it be done, and if so, how?

I understand this is just a programming issue on something relatively unimportant overall, but If someone could offer me a solution like this, I would be so happy that I literally would live a better life from here on out, because of just this. That is not an exaggeration.