I am looking for an ecommerce solution that will do the following:-
Customer Rewards discounts and additional free items e.g. buy 2 get 1 free.
Track customer preferences and buying patterns general and individual.
Reporting on Stock, VAT and general accounting.

I assume they all do things like showing stock levels on product pages and search by product attributes although in this case it would be things that the product was useful for such as recalling your dog.
It also needs to support links to informative articles or videos within the site.

I have had someone recommend magento but does this do the above and would you go for something like MagentoGo or use the Open Source version.

It is a site I would develop but then hand over to someone else to manage.

I have read some of the previous threads but no-one mentions reporting which is very important to my client - and I would think to everyone else!

Many thanks - Sue