if you visit www.mrcpsychmentor.com i don't know what you'll see. everything looks fine when i look at it. the page throws up a random image in the branding div just like i told it to

but my client keeps seeing an image which sitepoint won't seem to let me upload (but which i uploaded here instead http://www.mrcpsychmentor.com/mrcpsych_problem.jpg). [ he says he's looking at it on his iphone & on his work pc ]

as u can see what's happening is that the page seems to be showing the tape measure & caption images i was previously loading into the branding div, even though i've now replaced both of them with a full width image that contains both image & captio

i can't do Firebug on it cos i can't replicate what he's seeing, but i figured it'd be easy to just remove the old tape measure & caption from the images directory altogether (as well as from the CSS code). but no. the client reckons the issue is still there

any help v welcome