I've been working as a UI designer - Web at Accenture Services in India. I mainly work on HTML/CSS/Jquery. Now, I've gotten an offer from another company, with slightly increased salary package, to work as a graphic designer (photoshop, illustrator) for their website interfaces, newsletters etc. I have an interest in graphic designing (I play around with photoshop, design website mockups, am active on 99designs...) and had applied to this new company just like that and I got through.

Although I also have an interest in HTML/CSS, I don't like programming and so am not really keen about Jquery which I have to do eventually if I carry on being a web developer.

Should I switch on to the new company doing only photoshop, illustrator etc? Is that a good choice over web development (HTML/CSS/Jquery)? In terms of money, growth, recognition, no. of jobs?

Could anyone suggest me anything, please? I am worried because I see lots and lots of stuff happening around Jquery. There are thousands of jquery/css jobs as opposed to a few for graphic designing.