Hi there

First and formost I want to wish everyone at Sitepoint my best wishes for 2013!!

My niece is due to have an webdesign exam in about a week, and she asked me to check upon her testexam.
She has to make the site exactly as seen in restaurant.jpg.
Problem is the basic design which she did not do like we should. Although the website looks quite as it should be there are still some problems which honestly I cant solve myself.
THat's why I am asking you guys to help out.
Homepage.html is what she has right now.This is her css-file which she created in notepad, it's all in the .rar file.restaurantt.jpgEline-Philips-werkstuk-1GDMCa.zip
She worked with divs into divs, which I like, for some placement issues, she inserted also some tables, because they are more easily positioned.
Header, text worked fine, until we have to position the orange textboxes into the pictures.
There are two options to get them right:
- rewrite the whole site from the beginning (please some advice on the basic startup then please )?
- finding how to place the orange textboxes anyways with the current lay-out (My knowledge doesn't reach that far (for now))

Any other advice on how to simplify this site is always welcome.

(note: she made the site on a Mac, so it might be slightly different. Dreamweaver or any other program is forbidden, notepad is the only thing allowed)

Thank you very much in advance!

Kind regards