time to put myself into the firing line

Just re-designed the website for the marine conservation society, which hopefully will go live soon (just finishing a few bits off)


I've just switched to HTML5 so there may be a few ?'s where the characters aren't valid from my old database, but i will be working on them. I've got some validation errors as the menu uses tables and i haven't had chance to go through and remove the old 'width =' etc and replace with css.

I've been trying to keep it reasonably quick so i'd like to know if you find it fast enough.

Been trying to sort the navigation as that was lacking in our old site so hopefully it is far better. The old site is here http://www.mcsuk.org

Afraid i haven't changed all of the old links yet so if you end up on a page without /565/ that will be the old (current) site.

hope you like it, any comments welcomed good or bad