Hi all,
I am an IT consultant working mum. I am fed up of not being able to spend enough time with my daughter. My job pays me very well, but having researched about ways to make money online, I am considering building a portfolio of niche sites...I plan to leave my day job in 2yrs.

I've done a fair bit of research, so I am hoping my questions won't be very silly. If they are, please direct me to relevant info so that I cn read up?

1. My plan is to build a portfolio of 100 sites, each making about 10 a day only via Adsense? Is this possible? If any of you have done it, please share your experiences. How do you maintain your portfolio? How do you handle tax issues?

2. I have a list of 15 keywords that have 1000searches a month, low competition and returning less than 10 results for inanchor search. First page google results for all of these are weak pages and some irrelevant. Is this a good strategy?

3. Would you advise I buy keyword rich domains? I have the exact keyword domain names for 2 of the above keywords

Thank you very much for reading through. You will see me around for a long long time hopefully - one day helping others like me!

Have a gr8 new yr!