My site hosts a section that warns potential customers of sites that use malicious and illegal tactics to sell items. In short, we are trying to keep potential customers from being ripped off. We offer screen captures as proof of the unethical behavior.

Recently, I have received a thread from Pakistan where most of these sites operate from. Is there any way to protect against what he is saying? I am not sure I understand what he is saying too well.

I have replaced his site with the "hackersite" and my domain with "mysite" in the link below. It obviously does not work, but it comes up with my site from another URL and I believe this is the issue.

ok i don't want you to tell me the law me know better then you and me know i am in Pakistan , do you think you will restrict links for some countries using .htacess or PHP ip api's or what ever you have used and people will get slept thinking there is nothing, you lolz don't you know there are proxies avaiable for any country's IP .

Now you have only 48 hours to remove that **** any else me going to contact you after ****ing your ****** sites off , i got better idea for you in start , how do you feel when you will look your site availabe on many domains , not complex just need to use a little proxy script, all it will do just will pick your site and will display as its dom own domain content and how would be it feel to Google oh nothing but google will think plagiarism and data dulication so will **** the sites having same data, and be sure you will found your site on google no where
Can anyone tell me what this means in English? Thank you in advance...