I was just trying to make a condition in JQuery, if it's false, then a message appears on the screen. Actually, I was trying to create a page to dynamically generate content from some other local pages. Clearly stating, I was trying to get generated reports from DU meter (a software to monitor bandwith), anyway that doesn't matter at all. Let's come to the point. Here's my JQuery code:

$(document).ready(function() {
	var table_count = $(document).find('table'),
		sum = table_count.length,
		files = ['DU_monthly.html table',
				 'DU_weekly.html table',
				 'DU_today.html table'
	function DataCall () {
		for (var a= 0; a < sum; a++) {
			var pos = ($(table_count[a]).attr('data-serial'));
                        /* **************** The condition is here ****************** */
			if (pos == 'table' + (a+1)) $(table_count[a]).load(files[a]);
			else $('body').empty().prepend('<h1>Sorry, an error occured during data transfer.</h1>').css({
				fontSize: 'xx-large',
				fontWeight: 'bold',
				fontVariant: 'smallCaps',
				color: 'red',
				fontFamily: 'Corbel, Consolas, Cambria, serif'
Now as you can see, if the 'else' condition runs, the body will be emptied and an 'h1' will be added containing the message. The given css should be applied on the 'h1'. But it's not happening. I had an external CSS file that also had rules for 'h1' elements. Rather than following the given CSS rules in JQuery, it's following that external CSS rules. But shouldn't JQuery CSS rules override local/external stylesheet rules?