i have implemented a slider from menucool.com with no problem. Looking good!

Besides the css sheet and a jscript sheet for the slider I received a style sheet called generic.css which controls aspects of the page that don't relate to he slide show. I want to edit the generic.css to control the links, hover colour, etc
Doesn't seem to matter what I do the default is all that works, links are underlined. This is because the html page ignores my instructions and defaults to underlined links. I had visited and active but i don't need them. It did not work when they were there either.

I want to add something like this

a:link {color: blue; text-decoration: none; }
a:hover { color: orange; text-decoration:underline;}

to what is already there, which is this:

body {background:#F6F6F6;font:normal 0.8em Verdana; margin:0; padding:0; padding-bottom:60px;
a:link {color: #red; text-decoration: none; }
h2 {display:inline;}
.div1, .div2 {width:980px;margin:0 auto;}
.div1 {margin-top:30px;margin-bottom:60px;text-align:center;line-height:20px;}
.div1 P {font-size:18px;}
.div1 a, .div2 a {color:#07C;}
.div2 {margin-top:70px;}
.div2 li {padding-top:6px;padding-bottom:6px;}
.green {color:Green;}
.cn {font-family: "Courier New", Georgia;}
#status {display:inline-block; margin-left:26px;line-height:50px;height:50px;vertical-align:middle;}

border: dashed 1px #BCBCCB; padding:8px 12px; background-color: #F3F3F9; white-spacere; font-family:"Courier New", Georgia;
font-size:12px; margin:6px 0;overflow:auto;

If i remove the link to generic.css from the web page the font defaults to times new roman so i know the page IS referencing the style sheet.
Help is appreciated.