I have a website that serves as my blog and a place to share my photos. Currently the blog is imported from an IPB forum blog that's hosted on the same machine, and the gallery is an old Gallery2 install.

The IPB forum is on the blink (database corrupted somehow) and it was a pain anyway because no one could reply to my blog posts unless they registered on the IPB forum. The Gallery is fine, but Gallery2 is old, and the new version doesn't play well with my existing website design.

I considered going Wordpress for both the blog and the photo gallery, but getting WP to work with my existing design is no more work (and a lot less fun) than making my own stuff from scratch. I've already written a blog for my wife's website, and it works quite well, so all I really need to do is make the photo gallery.

So this leads to my question(s).

First, I'll probably be resizing my pics to 1280x resolution locally, then uploading them. I'm going to have thumbnails in the gallery, but I think the 1280x size is too big for a "browse" size (something that someone would click "next" on and see the next pic in the series without waiting an hour). So I'm thinking about having the thumbnail size (150x-ish), the "browse" size (640x or 800x) then the full size.

The server will create the three sizes after upload, and I'll have things like the description and album name in a database, but I'm wondering whether to just store the different sizes in different folders, or identify them by filename.

Is there a best practice?