So with any web project, I offer free maintenance for a year. This maintenance includes back end updates, backups, and any content updates. After the year, I give the client the option of one of three maintenance packages to buy in to, all with a price per month. The package selected is determined by the frequency of content updates. For example, the basic package is for those clients comfortable making content updates on their own, but still need system updates and backups (I use various CMS', so I teach them how to do simple updates). The deluxe package is geared towards those who feel they cannot manage content updates on their own. The standard package is in the middle. The price of each is based on a minimum number of hours a month (3 for the basic, 9 for the deluxe), with a discount subtracted from the package price. I am starting to rethink this approach when I found out one of the more popular web companies in the area charges close to what I charge for similar services per month, per YEAR. So I wonder is better; to charge a client for maintenance by the month, or by the year?