Finally diving into making my first mobile app. It is going to be a "Find a Restaurant" feature that helps people find restaurants that have certain types of deals. I'd like to be able to show a map that displays thumbtacks for all of the restaurants in a certain county that have this particular type of deal. That's probably the easy part - map with thumbtacks. But what I need more help with is allowing the user to let the app detect their GPS location and then point them to say the nearest 5 thumbtacked restaurants and then once they pick one of those they can tap something to then get directions to their selected restaurant. I've looked at a number of things that help you get maps going with various features on your site/app and a lot of them have a lot of great stuff but none of them are jumping out at me as readily having this feature I need. So I am open to wrangling an existing map helper application into compliance but if somebody knew a resource that they could point me to that more readily solves my current problem then that'd be great and much appreciated.