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    I will be hiring someone to develop a site for me. It may start out as a PSD converted to WordPress (or) developed in WP to begin. In either case the final site will be a WordPress site for all the reason everyone knows, easy to update.

    The Landing Page will almost certainly be a Static page, with links to various articles (also static - not blog pages) and a separate section for a traditional Blog.

    I have found a site that has most if not all of the elements I would like in my site. The URL is (as a side note, if your not familiar with the site it has many tools that would help out almost any webmaster).

    The questions I have are as follows;

    1. Can the "roll-over" boxes be duplicated in WP? Are they a java action or what?

    2. When you click on a link, it take you to a static page. Just normal HTML/CSS right?

    3. Then they have a "Blog" section. Was that done in WP? If not, what?

    4. One of the things I REALLY like about the Blog section is that each separate blog only shows under 1 category (Latest posts by category). This is something I have been unable to do in the WP Themes I have; every posted Blog shows on the Landing Page and are cross referenced on every other Blog Category. Any clues on how they are able to keep the categories separated?

    I realize this is a lot to ask but I felt that if I were able to get answers this would be the place to try.

    Wishing you a healthy, prosperous and happy New Year & thanks for your time and courtesy.

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