anybody currently uses fastclick? I was excited when I heard a new ad company came up and did have a website that promised good things. So I signed up and got into their network. I ran a couple of days their ads and allthough they couldn't even provide 30% of my inventory (which was 50% cpm ads) I thought it looked good as more programs quickly became active. But after some days. I tryed to log in again (before everything went fine) and their site didn't recognise me anymore. Seemed like my account was deleted. I emailed them and I waited for a week for their response. Nothing received. So far I tryed to signup again and they were able to tell me in 10 minutes (!!) my site was not accepted. (which was accepted a week before) . I directly replyed to them what the reason was for earlier deletion ... but no response or whatsoever....

Don't know what your experiences are. But the last thing I expect from a new company that is trying to become big is to handle things like the big boys. If I get rejected or deleted I think I have the right to know why.... not the mention the money they took already

So back in the search for a good ad company... I tryed everyone.net got accepted but i hate their big ugly co-banner

I hope I am the only one who has (already) experienced a solely bad experience with fastclick.