Hello everyone,

I followed Alex's register and login series from PHP Academy. I made one like his just the same way just that my CSS files were different. Now this is my problem.

My bootstrap folder contains css, js and img folders. My core folder contains init file, database folder having connect file and functions folder having general functions and user functions files. My includes folder contains the header, footer, navbar and all, along with an overall folder having overall header and overall footer.

All the files included above are linked and relative to the index.

I created a new folder called forums in the root directory and I put an index file inside it. I just put the path as include '../core/init.php', include '../includes/overall/header.php', etc. Just added two dots to traverse back and then include the files and styles but I am getting all sorts of warnings and errors. I want to create a new folder in the root directory and include all these files, functionality and styles. Please help me do this.

Thank You!scr (Copy).png