Hi there

Basicly we should use new HTML5 elements in development for new projects. However, what about accessibility when it comes to new elements and outline. Is it also ready now? Read that JAWS tries to understand new outline but it doesn't do it correctly yet. Rest software of that kind don't get it at all.

I recently started working on project which has quite big user base. I don't have any data about JAWS or other software that is used by the users for the site but I assume there is a chance that it is. What is your recommendation? Should I care and use divs and appropriate <hx /> elements order per page or should I start using header, footer, section, article... and stick to new html5 outline which is many h1 and h2 per page grouped within section content elements?

What do you think? Is new html5 approach really that painful for JAWS and similar software?