I'm looking for a review of a single page - the page view for results of a poll.

(here's a quick thumbnail -- click through to see the page)


But there's a small catch --- please review this from the perspective of using this page outside of a sales website! (Please don't tell me how to get someone to click to my homepage or something).

The page is designed as the front-facing results page of live-event polling. Meaning, as a speaker or entertainer gives their talk (or whatever) they ask their audience to respond via an interactive poll. The results are updated live, in real-time (you can try it if you want -- I promise, your number will be deleted).

I'm looking for feedback about the usability and look of the product from the perspective of an event attendee. Please let me know especially if you have a problem viewing it (or something doesn't look right!). A screen capture would be awesome! But not necessary.

Please review it with the following questions in mind (but others are great too).

1) Is it good looking?

2) Is it easy to understand? Remember, someone will be there walking the audience through it, but for most people, they should be able to just look at it and know what's happening (again, in the context of a live event). Would this accurately describe this page?

Any suggestions you might have for improvement, as well as alternative ideas (I will be adding themes to choose from, however, this is the only one at the moment).

I am primarily concerned with FORM.

Go to: ballotbox.es

Much thanks for your help!