hi, I'm working on my site right now and so far have a a good number of unique articles. I've been hearing a lot about duplicate content and how it could negatively affect my ranking and so on. Now there are a few things that I plan on doing that i am not sure if it would be considered duplicate content

1. I want to place respective blogs on their respective pages, but i also want everything to go to my static home page as well to be shown in excerpts . If content is on static home page and on another page would that be considered a duplicate content?

2. I'm new to IM and have never done anything design related. I noticed that post have their own URL content, now if i already have excerpts and or if it is already shown in another page does that count as duplicate content?

3. As i was searching for the answers about this questions and SEO related, I read that you should try to make URL as discrpitive as possible without making it too long. My Question is how long is too long? For instance, mydomainname.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/word-word-word-word

Would this be considered too long?

4. Should I enable links on my images? Like if they click on the image it would link to the image and open up a new tab for that image?

I got a few of my questions arealdy answered thanks to this great site and the search button..However, i cant seem to figure out the answer to this.