I want values in html code that is checked and values input text inserted batch in database mysql , As follows:

in 0-1 or ... , 0 is same checkboxDA[0][].
Row is same rows database table.

Row 0-1: a,aaa,AA
Row 0-2: b,BB
Row 0-3: c,CC

Row 1-1: aa,AA
Row 1-2: b,bbb,BB
Row 1-3: cc,ccc,CC

Row 2-1: aa,aaa,AA
Row 2-2: b,bbb,BB
Row 2-3: c,cc,CC
Here is demo of my code: http://codepad.viper-7.com/siDC84

How to change the html and php code to get the desired result?

My html code is as:
    <form action="#" method="post">

    	<input type="checkbox" name="checkboxDA[0][]" value="a" checked>a
    	<input type="checkbox" name="checkboxDA[0][]" value="aa" >aa
    	<input type="checkbox" name="checkboxDA[0][]" value="aaa" checked>aaa
    	<input type="text" name="prts[]" value="AA">
    	<input type="checkbox" name="checkboxDA[0][]" value="b" checked>b
    	<input type="checkbox" name="checkboxDA[0][]" value="bb" >bb
    	<input type="checkbox" name="checkboxDA[0][]" value="bbb" >bbb
    	<input type="text" name="prts[]" value="BB">
    	<input type="checkbox" name="checkboxDA[0][]" value="c" checked>c
    	<input type="checkbox" name="checkboxDA[0][]" value="cc" >cc
    	<input type="checkbox" name="checkboxDA[0][]" value="ccc" >ccc
    	<input type="text" name="prts[]" value="CC">
    	<input type="checkbox" name="checkboxDA[1][]" value="a" >a
    	<input type="checkbox" name="checkboxDA[1][]" value="aa" checked>aa
    	<input type="checkbox" name="checkboxDA[1][]" value="aaa" >aaa
    	<input type="text" name="prts[]" value="AA">
    	<input type="checkbox" name="checkboxDA[1][]" value="b" checked>b
    	<input type="checkbox" name="checkboxDA[1][]" value="bb" >bb
    	<input type="checkbox" name="checkboxDA[1][]" value="bbb" checked>bbb
    	<input type="text" name="prts[]" value="BB">
    	<input type="checkbox" name="checkboxDA[1][]" value="c" >c
    	<input type="checkbox" name="checkboxDA[1][]" value="cc" checked>cc
    	<input type="checkbox" name="checkboxDA[1][]" value="ccc" checked>ccc
    	<input type="text" name="prts[]" value="CC">
    	<input type="checkbox" name="checkboxDA[2][]" value="a" >a
    	<input type="checkbox" name="checkboxDA[2][]" value="aa" checked>aa
    	<input type="checkbox" name="checkboxDA[2][]" value="aaa" checked>aaa
    	<input type="text" name="prts[]" value="AA">
    	<input type="checkbox" name="checkboxDA[2][]" value="b" checked>b
    	<input type="checkbox" name="checkboxDA[2][]" value="bb" >bb
    	<input type="checkbox" name="checkboxDA[2][]" value="bbb" checked>bbb
    	<input type="text" name="prts[]" value="BB">
    	<input type="checkbox" name="checkboxDA[2][]" value="c" checked>c
    	<input type="checkbox" name="checkboxDA[2][]" value="cc" checked>cc
    	<input type="checkbox" name="checkboxDA[2][]" value="ccc" >ccc
    	<input type="text" name="prts[]" value="CC">
    <input type="submit" value="Submit">
My php code is as:
PHP Code:
            foreach (
$_POST['IdRelInto'] as $idx1 => $value1) {
                foreach (
$_POST['IdRelTo'] as $idx => $value) {
$DateArray[] = array(
'checkboxDA'  => $_POST['checkboxDA'][$idx],
'prts'        => $_POST['prts'][$idx],
'IdRelInto'   => $_POST['IdRelInto'][$idx],
'IdRelTo'     => $_POST['IdRelTo'][$idx]
//$this->db->insert_batch('hoV', $DateArray); This is for CodeIgniter