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    Okay, I created a personal account when I setup the page without actually doing anything but proceeding thru the Company page process. You've seem to have gotten thru to me, here (attachment) as I did not click on 'I already have a Facebook Account' either

    Quote Originally Posted by Ted S View Post
    ... Not sure how you managed to skip the last name field but go facebook, click the setting icon and you can fill that all in. If that has no photo it explains why you're never seeing an icon on your comments... you're commenting as an individual [the default state] and without a photo, well, none can show up .
    Clicking on 'settings' there is no last name field. I have looked thoroughly throughout and see absolutely no last name field. I do have a profile picture but don't think that's what you mean. This is after I am logged on of course and the pic is for the Company.

    Quote Originally Posted by Ted S View Post
    To be crystal clear, pages are not accounts. You can not login as a page. There is no password or username for a page. Personal accounts login. Personal accounts are made as page admins. Pages can then comment on their wall and select other walls but only if you turn that on.

    It sounds like you signed up, glazed over the fields, and entered business info into your personal account which is confusing you but easily solved by setting the right info in your page(s) and the right info in your account.
    I entered the fields as I setup, the sucessive process.

    What do you suggest I do now?
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