I recall hearing way back, years ago, that users had to make a certain number of posts/messages before their account was rendered fully active. Though this could have been for personal or business accounts, not sure.

Are there any requirements in place today - before the business account will become fully active? Meaning, when a FB user posts on other FB accounts, their profile image/graphic actually show?

My image/graphic will not show when posting to other FB accounts. When other FB users 'like' me , the stuff does show but only in that confined 'like' box on their page.

Other than that, my 32 by 32 graphic does show only when commenting on my own account page.

In fact, when commenting on othe FB pages, instead of my link being:


It is:

facebook.com/profile.php?id=100(followed by numerica string)

Which apparantly goes through a redirect before arriving at facebook.com/myregisteredname