I have a client who has multiple domains, some are being indexed with AND without the www. The other issue is that they are all the same site. One of them has a different homepage, but all the content is running from the same server files. They also have two two folders, NEW folder and SERVICE AREAS folder, with identical files. This is causing an issue with their seo guy and the person who made the site for them doesn't know how to fix it! So the seo guy asked me to just rewrite all the domains to the main one with www. So my plan of attack is this:
1) Make two redirects for each domain, one redirecting the non-www and one redirecting the www, to the main domain with the www
2) Redirect the NEW folder to the Service Ares folder.

My questions are:
- do I have to write separate redirects for each domain twice, or is there a all inclusive way to do this?
- can i redirect a folder? Like say mydomain.com/newfolder to mydomain.com/service-areas? Or would I have to redirect every page within the folder?
- and lastly, would these folder or individual page redirects need to be done for each of the four domains?
Thanks, Scott