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    Exclamation My Graphic Design Portfolio/Blog---LOTS of changes

    Earlier this year, I posted my site here and asked for criticism. It was in very early stages and I got a lot of feedback that really helped me. And now, I'm finally getting to a point where I can start to call it "done" (but who am I kidding...I'll always be tweaking) I've made a lot of changes, as you can see (anyone who helped me in the old thread, anyway). I've tried to design the whole site around always giving the user something to click next, so they never feel like they've reached a dead end. The related posts help a lot with this, as does the random portfolio entry that appears on most pages in the sidebar.

    Biggest changes:
    -Domain name and good hosting
    -About 99% mobile compatible (still a few kinks to iron out)
    -Fully scalable from 480px and up
    -Portfolio entries now open in separate windows and support comments and ratings
    -Random portfolio entry displayed on the front page
    -List of most recent posts on the front page to encourage browsing
    -Archives page (need to figure out how to paginate it by year maybe...could become a problem in the future)
    -Recent tweet right there on the front page, along with a Facebook like box and other social links
    -More info in the About section of the sidebar
    -Contact form, I guess for people in a hurry
    -Images and code compressed wherever possible

    To Do:
    -Fix a few things regarding mobile compatibility
    -More robust archives page
    -Smaller page sizes (though they are below average according to Pingdom Tools)
    -Layout tweaks based on user input
    -Different look for search results in portfolio category

    If anyone has ANY complaints with the layout, code, or ANYTHING, regardless of how nitpicky, please let me know. I want this to be absolutely perfect.
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