I'm going to be making a site soon (i'm a hardware geek...) but I only know HTML, and I'm not even that great at that!

Now I need to know CSS and Java and SSI and all this crazy crap so I can do my layout. I've done some, but without those languages it just isn't too spectacular.

I like the http://www.fullon3d.com layout because its no frills, clean, but fairly attractive (that may be because my favorite color, by far, is navy blue ). Only problem is, not only don't I want to plagiarize and do a layout on my own, but upon inspection, there is CSS in there! I copied a news table thingy (please don't laugh too hard at me ) to see how to do it for when I work on my own layout and I noticed that no colors came with it! So I looked up and I think it is in the CSS scripts right beneath the title...I think.

Really, I'm not expecting anyone to explain CSS or Java or SSI to me, but I would like some recommendations for articles and guides to how to do this cool stuff.

I also like the anandtech.com layout, but daaaaaum is it bloated! My friend on a 56k modem refuses to go there because of the load time...I'm glad I have cable, because thats my favorite site.