I have a table for insurance agents who need to handle applications from a web form. Depending on the state the user enters in the form, an email would notify a particular agent. One agent handles multiple states. So my table is looking like this:

id     state                  name       email
1      IL,MI,CT,KY,MS,DE,VT   Bob        bob@email.com
2      NV,NM,NE               Glenn      glenn@email.com
3      OH,NC,MD,OR,AR,DC      Jeff       jeff@email.com
I suppose I would first find agents that have a not empty state, then see if the state I'm looking for is in the list for that agent, if not move on to the next record. I'm not sure if this is a good way to accomplish this, neither do I know exactly how to do it, so I thought to pass it by the trusted forum first. Any thoughts?