We're already working on some social media projects, but instead of sharing what we're doing, which may influence the ideas you propose, I wanted to see if I could get some clean ideas from you guys to see what you would do. So the basic question is, what should the social media strategy be for a company whose primary goal is to sell industrial products (electrical supply equipment) to contractors and other other businesses? Keep in mind, that this market is different from other e-commerce markets in that we're not blowing out iPads or other products that are impulse buys. We sell products that people mainly search for when something fails, and they're looking to replace it. We sell to contractors who are working on jobs. We also sell to distributors who sell to contractors. The products we sell are, in a sense, "needed" as opposed to "wanted"... which can make sales and some other popular tactics a little less effective. It also makes social media strategies a little different.

Would love to hear some of your thoughts. Just want to see if my strategy comes close to what some of you would do. Thanks in advance.