Hello everybody,

I am managing a site that is on Joomla! (2.5) and the team and I have already done extensive SEO work (backlinks building,etc) and have managed to rank the site for the keywords we have targeted.

The situation is that we have created a new template for the site to give it a fresh new look and we are soon to install it and proceed with the transition. Of course we have taken care of making sure all CONTENT, like text, alt text on images, titles, and URL's, remain the same to try our best that Google keeps watching the site like it did before, with no content differences.

The only things that has changed on the new template are the structural elements, like id names, classes names, <div> and other tags positions, and of course CSS.

My question is, what do you guys think is gonna happen, would we see any change on the rankings position of the page? or as long as the elements mentioned remain the same (content per se) Google should still look at the page as the same as before and leave us alone?

I appreciate your thoughts