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Ok not the help I was expecting & for one thing how do I create a DIV below the image slider. If anyone can help me position info below the image slider...THAT WILL BE A HUGE THANKS. Also really Thelma I was guessing on where to put it; it was a start. I looked everywhere on the net and I can't seem to get some info or anything below the image slider I'm so confused. Not be rude but please DONT make a absurd answer with not anwsering my question; Im really new at html
You looked 'everywhere, I'm surprised you didn't stumble upon the basic HTHL structure of
html opening tag
head opening tag
your head section stuff like title, link to CSS and favicon, etc.
head closing tag
body opening tag
the actual content of your page
body closing tag
html closing tag

Adding a second opening body tag towards the end of your content code is a big mistake - and I figured you didn't know enough to even question it, so I pointed it out for you.

It's been a pleasure trying to help you out.