One of the questions no doubt very highon the list of both webmasters and business owners is what to do for2013 in order to get to or remain on that fabled first page onGoogle.
The details of this are not known toanyone on the planet, but there are some clear trends and these leadto some clear conclusions in general terms.
Google captains have been steering in aclear “User is King” direction. As this makes sense for allinvolved apart from blackhat experts, it is safe to assume this willcontinue to be the case. This makes life for webmasters simplerbecause we can now see what our websites should be like by simplylooking at it through the eyes of our customers.
Do our customers want to read a pagethat continuously tells them how wonderful our company is? Would you?No? Than don't do it. If you are trying to find a product, do youreally want to read 15 times that this company is the cheapestwithout actually seeing the price? No? Then don't do that either.

What do we want when we search forsomething? Information, not propaganda. By and large, we want thatinformation in a structured, organised way. If your company sellsballs, the (potential) customers don't want an endless list of randomballs. They want one particular ball for one particular purpose.Let's say it's a tennisball. But this tennisball is not for playingtennis, it's for the dog. I want to throw or kick that ball so my dogcan run after it, find it and bring it back.
That means the ideal ball is:
Contrary to most tennisballs, NOT greenbecause it will be too hard to find in the long grass.
Contrary to most others, it MUST benon-toxic.
It must be at least to some degreetooth-proof.
It must be waterproof.

To make my choice, I want yourball-website to make my life easy by offering a structure thatseparates footballs from beach balls and tennis balls. I want to readabout how the ball is made and how that helps to make the ball safefor Spike. I want to see pictures of it with realistic colours so Ican pick one that will be easy find in the grass. Maybe even a shortclip that shows me how well it bounces.
Only then will I have a look at theprice.

The Google engineers are getting betterevery day in emulating our behaviour and choosing when using searchengines. That means the better you get a creating a website thatfulfils my needs, in a way that installs confidence in you, yourcompany and your product, the higher your site will rank in theserps. The inverse is also true. Those same engineers also get betterat filtering out unwanted results. That means old tricks are beingblocked e.g. metatag stuffing like “”Keyword = blue tennisball,big tennisball, big blue tennisballs, green tennisball “” is nowa pointless exercise. The same goes for keyword stuffing in the texte.g. “”If you are looking for tennisballs, you will find what youneed on this tennisball site where we sell tennisballs cheaper thanany other tennisball shop.””

Last but not least, we want theinformation to be valid and up to date. That means you need to keepyour site valid and up to date by regularly adding new pages aboutnew products or variations as well as updating/correcting existingpages.

All this combined means we will have tospend more time creating new content and can save time/money gettingrid of “dedicated seo exercises” like buying links or payingpeople to submit countless spammy articles to blogfarms.