Hi Guys,
I have a background in Graphic (print) Design, but I've spent the last year working with books and Lynda vids in an attempt to learn as much about HTML/CSS as I could.

I'm now at the point where I plan to launch a commercial site which teaches various craft skills. I want the site to host ads, include a shopping cart (with credit card payments) and support a forum. I'm going to need to spend most of my time concentrating on content, and won't have time to develop skills in things like PHP and JavaScript.

So my questions is these:
  1. Should I just get stuck in hand coding from scratch, or would I be better off working around a CMS?

  2. As a designer, I would like to have a lot of control over the appearance on the site, is there a particular CMS that would support this (and my other requirements)?

  3. Can I get inside the CMS and make changes using HTML/CSS?

  4. Do most CMSs support responsive/adaptive site design?

  5. At first glance, there are many things that appeal to me about Wordpress, is it heavy duty enough to support this kind of site?

  6. If so, can I make manual adjustments to Wordpress using HTML/CSS?

Thanks in advance for your help,