hi all,

ie9 won't play nicely with my code:
#wrapper {
background-image:url( ... );
background-size:100% auto;
background-position:top center;

is there a hack for this? if so what is it and how do i implement? also, since the header is a fixed height i suspect i'll also have to ... somehow hack that to resize appropriately too?

please be patiently explicit, i'm extremely hack-challenged...

http://www.dev.threeriversfitness.com/home/ what you see there has the header image as a placed image. the wrapper and footer images are placed using the above declaration.

i did a google search and also searched the forums here. all i could find was something about a filter which i found even more baffling than hacking.

i fit matters, it's a wordpress site. i'm using weaver II theme (free version) and coding custom CSS in the appropriate theme-customization provided entry area.
thanks! the declaration seems to work fine in various versions of safari, firefox and chrome on mac and pc, and my android tablet/browser ... just not on ie9.