In past years I posted something up regarding social media management for clients. From writing social media guides, to teaching them one on one, then to explaining the concepts of new trends.

I like to work on probabilities, and one which would deliver virtually no complications. This can be achieved with the right approach, surely. There are too many variables, every variable can cause a problem.

Social media management from my experience on the client's side is a failure. What is the purpose of setting a Facebook and Twitter page with their site if the client's won't bother using them, even after the training them? I am guessing there is no point. A solution would be to manage this for them.

What about content? From waiting for client responses on content, to supplying marginal content. You could go down the root of Lorum Ipsum, but there is a good chance that our friendly Ipsum text would be lurking somewhere. A Solution would be to write the content for them!

Websites always need to be kept updated with their recent posts, guess what would happen if you delivered a premium WordPress blog...
... probably nothing!

Not sure if I have over dramatized this issue, but it's a big issue for somebody not knowing the facts.

Companies are loosing money as they don't pay attention to their online presence. Many try to save money by wanting to self-manage, but almost always they don't carry this out. More importantly the website you designed and/or helped setup is now looking in bad shape.