I have no prior programming experience. This week I have started to learn Ruby. Right now I am using codecademy, which doesn't seem like it's teaching me anything useful so I am hoping this small lines of coding will be important down the line. I will work on this M-F, for about 3-4 hours each morning.

I am curious as to what's the average amount of time it takes for a individual learn to learn Ruby and is able to build things on their own?

My intention for learning is that I am tired of hiring developers and waiting for them to finish the product. I like to have social networks created, so the essential features of those websites are stuff I am looking to build (profile, inbox, activity feed, photo albums, newsletter, photo rating, etc).

I know I will definitely be posting a lot on Ruby forums seeking for help. Hopefully I can come across a mentor to help speed up the process So yes, back to the question. What is the avg time it takes a person to learn to code Ruby?