I’m just coming back to web design after a long (say – 10 year!) hiatus. I have a small project to undertake to ease me back into it – designing / developing a small website for a local football team. I envisage the site having 3 or 4 pages where the content remains largely static. But I also want some dynamic areas such as an image gallery and a forum. And I also need to be able to use the homepage to accommodate News updates – so need this page to accommodate updated news stories and an archive to old ones – like a blog.

Now, I’d like to be as hands on as possible, without losing sight of the fact that I have a steep learning curve. For this reason, I would like to use basic tools such as Notepad++ rather than Dreamweaver and I want to steer clear or Wordpress (even though WP will probably give me everything I need to create a great site).

I found a template I’d like to use here: http://luiszuno.com/themes/shinra/

So, no specific questions really; just wondering if anyone has any general tips or can see any easy pitfalls I’m about to fall into.