Hi there,
I have bought template this file from videohive.net (http://videohive.net/item/explainer-...f=motioncraver)

Ive done exactly as this video says,
Im having problems with this file as the rendering seems to take way to long for only a few minutes video?..

1) Once ive added it to render queue
ive chosen 720 x 480 - the smallest size!
- I go output lossless >
Format (H.264) chosen
Click format options + at bottom left it says: H.264 - 489kb/sec
(thats a lot?)

When i click render, it says est>remain: 49Hr, 37 min
Surely thats not right?
How long does it take you to render this usually?
This is a few minutes video?

(ps i also tried going Output module > lossless and the chose quicktime movie - Photo JPEG - medium quality,
it also says est>remain: 49Hr, 37 min to render?