I've recently been working on my internet site for a couple of weeks now. I wanted to use CSS to get a better overall design on my site, and since i already had firebug installed i used it to inspect the element and decided to changed things up on filezilla. I'm also using dreamwever to read the CSS file. However, while doing this, i have encountered some problems:

1. The Location is not shown in firebug
2. When there is a file location available it shows up differently in dreamweaver
3. I can't seem to precisely changed certain things like the tittle of a blog, instead it would change most of the site content
4. The file location sometimes given is not availabe when i look at filezila. For instance the file location is too simple like "simplewaystogetfit.com"
Here are pictures to better explain my problem.

I am probably asking too much, but i have tried virtually everything i've been trying to figure this one at myslef but to no avail.

I appologize in advance i've seem like i am asking too much