I'm in the middle of trying to sync 2 or more table row elements when overflow-x happens. So far, it's working... But something I'm struggling with is how to "reset" the TRs back to their original states (i.e. - "un" sync the sync).
    $('fieldset.group-project-table').livequery(function(){//Using the livequery plugin to listen for DOM changes (i.e. - add / remove of TRs).
        $('fieldset.group-project-table').append('<label id="locker">Scroll Lock?<input type="checkbox" /></label>');//Create a checkbox to activate the scroll-sync.
        $('#locker input[type="checkbox"]').click(function(){//Get the parent of the checkbox and listen for clicks...
            if($('#locker input[type="checkbox"]:checked').length == 1){//Is the checkbox checked? If yes...
                $('#group_project_table_values tbody tr').each(function(){//Grab each TR...
                    $('#group_project_table_values tbody tr:last-child td').scroll(function(){//Get the last TR in the bunch and listen for its scrolling event...
                        $('#group_project_table_values tbody tr:not(:last-child) td').scrollLeft($(this).scrollLeft());//Make the other TRs in the group scroll with this last TR in the group (aka "synced scrolling".)
                        return;//Not sure if this is necessary.
            }else{//Try to reset the scrollers to return to separate scrolling (aka "un-synced scrolling".)
                if($('#locker input[type="checkbox"]:checked').length == 0){//If the checkbox is NOT checked...
                    $('#group_project_table_values tbody tr td').scroll(0,0);//Return the scollbars to start. <-- This isn't working and I have no clue why. The scrollbars remain synced.
Sorry for the comments above but I included them because I thought it might help what's going through my mind with all of it.

The main problem: The scrollable TRs continue to be synced. When you scroll one, the others scroll with it, regardless of trying to break out of the syncing logic...

Any ideas why? I didn't include any markup here because I didn't think it would be needed, but let me know if it would help and I'll include some... The TRs I'm speaking of here are dynamically created with a "Add More" button on the interface, hence my use of the livequery plugin to check for new elements. Otherwise, everything is inside a "document.ready" block and the TRs have overflow-x in their CSS (this whole thing is meant for an Excel type of interface).