Guys, please take a look at my site http://toyota-dealer.org and give comments on its design, content and Search Engine Optimization. We are car dealer and exporter with branches in Thailand, Australia, United Kingdom, Dubai, United States, Japan and Singapore. This is why perhaps the site is not as focused as it could be as we sell thousands of models of vehicles.

Our roots are in Thailand so this is why there is a bias in promoting Four Wheel Drive vehicles as Toyota Hilux Vigo and we get complaints from Australian office which sells primarily Toyota Prado and Toyota Landcruiser and our US and UK outfits which sell mostly luxury vehicles. Is there a way to cater to all these markets without getting Google alarm bells ringing and awakening Panda? SEO people tell us that we have too many keywords as is while our international offices tell us that we haven't mentioned their vehicles enough as their vehicles are not coming on first page of Google. We do have country specific websites but for some reason our corporate sites do much better in Google than these country specific sites.

I will stop my rambling and wait for your responses. It is nice to run into this forum as this is the first forum where people give detailed site reviews that can actually be used to improve the site.