Hope everybody's fine and doing great. I own some premium natural digital voices[various languages] and was wondering if it would be good to start a business with them. I own them from a previous company[as a co-founder] that used it in training materials and interactive guides. Those voices are in multiple languages and from companies "NeoSpeech, AT&T, Acapela.."
They are mostly used for Text to Speech[TTS] but there are many applications such as:

-Convert any text from any source[ebooks,web pages, docs..etc] to audio to be listened anywhere while multi tasking.
-Voice mail messages
-For Interactive Voice Menus or Interactive voice response (IVR)
-In product demos
-In training and elearning materials
-In applications [iphone4 Siri]
-In videos and games [such as "Red Planet" and "MGS Peace Walker" etc]
-In Teaching pronunciation of various languages
-For people with low vision, or reading disabilities
-For Proofreading

I came to this idea after observing sites like:

My concerns are how much successful are they? Is it feasable for me to provide this service from a website or freelance it[better option? or both]. Since Iam completely new to online business, what pitfalls there might be? Also since I will be doing this solo now, what are some of the best ways and sources to get clients for this. Your advice and suggestions will be greatly appreciated.
Thank you for your time.