Hi Guys,

First post, my name MrSnrub (''yes, that will do'') and very much a noob when it comes to eCommerce Ė please take it easy on me

I work in a very open industry (more so community), and Iím often asked if I can sell the works a create, and the Ďtoolsí I use to create them. Letís just say itís similar to iStock and sites of that nature Ė subscription based, and singular purchases.

The products would be digital with file sizes ranging from 1mb Ė 100mb.

Iíve tried researching, but with so much information everywhere itís a headache to piece it all together.

The design of the website is for the most part complete, thanks to a talented graphic designer and Iím now in the process of searching for a developer / programmer. I would like to have somewhat of an idea of what Iím talking about as I am quite particular about what I want, and secondly, dont want to be given the run-around.

I have many questions, but donít know quite how to articulate them.

I guess Iím confused mostly with:

- how the different types of ecommerce software work (i.e. Magenta, PayPro Global etc. ) Ė how they integrate with the site, and how customizable they are etc

- what programming languages whomever programs the site will need to be proficient with

- the difference in payment systems and how customizable they are i.e. do they integrate into my website, or does to customer get transferred to their website (PayPal style)

If anyone can help, by either directly pointing me out to a particular post, explaining it to me or suggesting a decent website, I will certainly appreciate it.