Hi all,

I'm at witts end. I originally got this working using a regex php file and returning the data via ajax with no problems. But each time there was a link on the page it requests that php file, and with many links it returned many iterations of the page and many requests it just isn't fantastic.

An example of the data I'm looking at parsing is here:


You can see when visiting this page, it looks to me like a javascript function.

I am able to successfully get this data response by looking at 'Network' in Google Chrome Developer Tools, but I'm unsure how to parse it from there to my js file so I can insert it into my html.

Here is my current jquery:

Code JavaScript:
	$("a[href*='www.wowhead.com/spell'] , a[href*='www.wowhead.com/achievement']").each(function(){
		var wowheadlink = $(this).attr('href') + '&power';
		var iconaddy = null;
		  url: wowheadlink,
		  type: 'get',
		  dataType: 'jsonp',
		  context: this,
		  success: function(data){
	});	;	
At the moment I'm just looking at any kind of data to be displayed in the console. Any ideas?