Hi all

I need to use an iframe on a classic asp shopping website which has been around for many years.

Currently when the customer clicks an item on the product lists, it opens a new window to add the item to the shopping list. Clicking a second item updates this window.
I use this approach because I don't want to refresh the product page display which stays open in the background (there is a lot of processing to build this page, and I don't want to keep repeating it when orders tend to have many items).

(For years this worked well. When an item was clicked this page did all the processing required and the product page stayed in focus. Last year it stopped doing this and now the order page needs to be clicked to regain focus!).

I now want this new window, which is opened each time an item from the order page is clicked, to update an iframe on the products list page. This window can terminate with this action if possible. I cannot find a way to do this without updating the page holding the iframe.

I hope that I have explained it properly!!!