Hello Hello my friend. It's me back again for more help.

Ok this time see this pic:


it's the comment part which u see it down with every topic. Here is an example http://www.kamalagsam.org/البطولة-ال...#1575;م/

I would like to change everything u see in that pic. I mean:

1- Change the name " Previous post".

2- Change the name " No Comments Yet ".

3- Change the name "Leave a comment".

4- I rally want to move the boxes from right to left and also change the size because as u can see the word "comment" is not clear there.

5-I want to move the labels which are next to the boxes from left to right and change the label itself.

I know I'm making a lot of changes because this website is for those people who does not speck English and I want it to look good.

Thank u my friend