It seems as if most of my colleagues are using GIT in a number of areas for version control, team development and overall organization. I'm taking it upon myself to see if git really has a place in my day to day workflow and if it makes sense to utilize.

We develop a lot of small website. Development teams are really small (ie. 1-3 people per project).

Right now our current (non-vcs) system is like this:

1) Development Server - login via FTP and grab the files you need to work on (edit locally)
2) Make the changes and push back to dev server.
3) Test in browser
4) If all goes well push to the main live web server.


1) Backups are always manual or dependent on weekly backup script to run.
2) It's hard to keep track of who's working on what without them "checking in with you".
3) If a problem arises down the road related to a fix we are limited to reverting to an entirely old backup (if it exists) or manually repairing the bug.

We utilize Wordpress a lot. Is it worthwhile to use git to track these type of builds?

In addition - If a repo is private - is it safe to include wp-config.php so it's an easy push to the master (live) branch?

If we use GIT locally do we have to use github to serve the projects or can we do this all without github?

I can see a few advantages to adopting git - especially as I'm getting more requests to be involved where git is being utilized.

Just curious to hear how git has been adopted in other small web firms.