In the markup example below, I'm using the anchor element to wrap the contents of the li. This gives me lots of flexibility for rollover effects and a large hit area to activate the link. However, one thing I'm struggling with is how to isolate the text color change and text-decoration hover behaviors so that they do not alter the contents of the "post-entry" paragraph element.

HTML Code:
	<a href="#" rel="bookmark" class="post-title">Post Title here. I only want this text to be highlighted and underlined on :hover.
		<span class="comment-count">0</span>
		<p class="post-entry">
			<img src="test.png" alt="" />
			This is the post description text. I don't want it to respond to the hover css of the "post-title" element.
Here's the current css:

Code: {color:blue;text-decoration:underline}
a{color:none !important;text-decoration:none !important}