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    How to add a pager to the page with php?

    I'm new to PHP and I'd like to add a pagination function to the page.

    I have this piece of code:

    $result = mysql_query( "select title from post LIMIT 5 OFFSET 0");
    while ($row = mysql_fetch_object($result)) {
        echo $row->title;
    $total is all the rows.

    I'd like to show only five post titles per page. If I want to add a pager to this page, how do I do this? E.g: the URL is

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    well it shouldnt be .html or the PHP engine shouldnt be parsing it

    pagination can be calculated with as little as a single URL variable;

    From there you can calculate your start point ((page - 1) * sizeofpages) [assuming you're using page 1 as your 0-index]
    your size is defined by the code;
    The resulting query would be SELECT ... LIMIT <startpoint>,<sizeofpage>

    To generate the nav takes a bit more calculation, but there's plenty of pagination scripts out there already written...
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