I have used getJSON and some other small javascript code in my page.
Its working perfectly in Chrome but not working in IE. I have IE 10.

	<script type="text/javascript" charset="utf-8">
	function checkForm()
		if (document.f1.ctlPrice.value == "") 
			alert ("Please specify Width and Drop then press Get Price button"); 
			return (false); 
		else { return (true); }

	$(function() {
		$('#ctlCalc').live('click', function()
			maxWidth = <?=$a1["MaxWidth"]?>;
			maxDrop = <?=$a1["MaxDrop"]?>;
			if (ctlWidth.value > maxWidth) { alert ("Width cannot be greater than " + maxWidth); return (false); }
			if (ctlDrop.value > maxDrop) { alert ("Drop cannot be greater than " + maxDrop); return (false); }
				pid: ctlItemID.value,
				width: ctlWidth.value,
				drop: ctlDrop.value
				if (data.price != "")
					ctlPrice.value = data.price;
					$("#lblPrice").html("Price: &pound;" + data.price);
					alert ("Oops! An error occured");
If i put alert("Ha"); in the code then its showing in IE but rest of the anything is not working. It means when I am clicking the ctlCalc button its firing the click and showing the alert but why anything else is not working only in IE ?

Please help.