Hello folks,

I am having a issue I think is to do with the DNS entries in the MX records. So here is the problem scenario. I host a site (www.example.com) while the mail server is hosted at a different server and is managed by external users as well. I have another site (www.mysite.com) in the same IP and with this, the site and the mail server is hosted at my own server (using Plesk Control Panel). Now the MX entries for both are the following.

example.co.uk. MX (10) mail.example.co.uk.
mail.example.co.uk. A (sample Ip)

mysite.co.uk. MX (10) mail.example.co.uk.
mail.mysite.co.uk. A (sample Ip)

Now the issue I am having is that everytime I try to send an email from user@mysite.com to user@example.com, the email is being re-routed back to my admin@mysite.com instead of going to user@example.com. And if I try to send email to user@example.com from any other emails except from @mysite.com, it is being received without any issue. So what am I doing wrong here. Any pointers would be really helpful. Thanks.

P.S.I hope this is the right area to post this question otherwise I hope the mod will move it to the right forum.