I am using twitter bootstrap and my own CSS to achieve something.

What I want to do is, all the input fields like username, password & search, on selecting them, the border becomes blue, I want to change it to black.

Another thing is, I am using the navbar inverse. It has dropdowns. When I click the dropdown and hover over the list of elements, it is in blue color by default. I am trying to change that hover thing to black color too. How do I achieve this?

Now these are the things I've tried. I tried inspecting with the firebug element and it always shows something in the bootstrap.min file. However I can't find anything related to hover there and I'm a bit weak when it comes to the transition things although I am not sure if it is related to transition. Another thing I did is, I I edited the value #08c to #000 from the variables.less file and compiled it and obtained a bootstrap file which contains the changed values but still the default color only shows.

Please help me achieve these effects.

Thank you!